Xero Beautiful Accounting Software
Xero suits all kinds of businesses. The beautiful cloud-based accounting software connects
people with the right numbers anytime, anywhere, on any device. For accountants and bookkeepers,
Xero helps build a trusted relationship with small business clients through online collaboration.
Xero is proud to be helping over 700,000 subscribers worldwide transform the way they do business.

Overview of Xero Accounting Software

Perfect for most industries:

Retail – Streamline your business processes with seamless integrations for POS, inventory management, shipping and payments

eCommerce – Connect your accounts with leading shopping cart, inventory management, marketplace, and sales tax packages.

High Tech – Get more time to innovate with total visibility of your accounts, including cashflow, invoicing and online payments.

Non Profit – Manage your accounts efficiently and with transparency, so you can spend time on the important things.

Startups – Whether you’re VC funded or investing your own capital, Xero helps keep everything financial on point, so you can devote time to fostering innovation and growing relationships.
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