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Payroll Solution

Take control of every step of the payroll process with in-house or outsourced options. Run data-driven reports and year-end summaries with real-time calculations.

Trust all this sensitive information with our secure Payroll solution or services.

Human Resources Solution

Recruit and hire employees, manage benefits administration and compensation, and support performance growth—all with our Human Resources solution.

Even link to outside organizations to easily report equal opportunity, workers’ comp and OSHA data.

Time and Labor Solution

Maintain compliance and improve payroll accuracy with simplified timecard management, using our Time and Labor solution.

Also, keep costs low with tools that let you define and enforce pay rules to track and understand true labor costs.

An affordable solution that will take your Human Capital solution to the next level.

Hear what our customers have to say:

“I can’t imagine not having Workforce Go! HCM. We are so wrapped into the system. Everything works better. Everything is faster. ” 

Erika Seitz, The Speech Pathology Group

“Workforce Go! is much more than an integration tool. It’s capable of managing project accounting complexities and allocating costs of sales and operations as well as employee time. And, all of this happens with the click of a button.”

Akash Sud, Finance Director, Cognitive Scale, Inc.

“Workforce Go! got my payroll processing time down from three days to a matter of hours! We couldn’t be happier!”

Client, Dallas, TX

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Managing Today’s Complex, Multi-generational Workforce

While it’s important to remember that each employee is unique — with his or her own goals, motivations, and attitudes — generational labels can be useful tools for characterizing workers and creating strategies to manage a multi-generational workforce.


Workforce HR and Payroll Solution Overview

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Recruiting and Hiring the Talent of Tomorrow

The human capital management lifecycle begins with recruiting and hiring talent. As more organizations make the connection between hiring the right people and achieving success, HR leaders are increasingly approaching recruitment and hiring as a crucial competitive differentiator.