QuickBooks for Non-Profits

An affordable solution for smaller nonprofits that need basic budgeting and donor tracking needs. QuickBooks Online gives organizations the ability to comply with GAAP regulations while building the mission of the organization.

QuickBooks Online for Nonprofits offers:

  • Track Funds and Stay Compliant – QuickBooks uses class tracking to categorize the work you’re doing so that you can stay compliant.
  • Recurring Billing – Schedule and send invoices or sales receipts on a recurring basis to your donors.
  • Send Donation Letters – Send donation summaries at the end of the year to all your donors using QuickBooks statements.
  • Easily Track and Categorize Expenses – Sync your bank accounts with QuickBooks to automatically download, track and categorize expenses.
  • Connect your Apps – Sync, Link and Import data from Apps.
  • Work with your Accountant – Securely collaborate with your team or accountant online.

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